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We are Place of Grace Fellowship. Our journey of faith begins by accepting the grace offered in Christ.


Looking for a loving place to explore faith?

Our journey of faith begins by accepting the grace offered in Christ. Grace is the free flow of God’s love too us. We need only to accept God’s love. We feel the love of God deeply and, in gratitude, want to share it with you. We care about what’s “happening” in your life and appreciate you.

We believe life begins with faith in Jesus Christ. In the early church followers of Christ called their journey “The Way of Life.” Today, Christ remains the path to a full life. Travel “The Way of Life” with our family.

Finding a place to discover God can be difficult. Here, you will find loving support on your journey of discovery. We follow the teaching of Jesus. We believe in one eternal God who exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God became human  in the person of Jesus. God calls us into God’s family and saves us, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God extends to us grace and forgiveness through faith in Christ Jesus. God is present with each of us through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leads, guides, convicts, and encourages us. When we accept Gospel of Jesus Christ our Savior, we begin a new life empowered by the Spirit. 


All-loving Creator of the heavens and the earth, eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


The eternal son of God. He became human. He was crucified without guilt and sinless. His resurrection freed those who through faith accept Christ as their savior and freed them from the power of sin and death. He will return again and reign as Lord in God's Kingdom. Those who believe in Jesus Christ are changed through grace, forgiven and live forever with Christ.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit draws us to God, adopts us as children of God, transforms us to be like Jesus Christ, convicts us of sin, empowers us to serve others, heals us and frees us from the power of darkness.


Grace, an indescribable one way flow of God's love towards us is a free gift from God. Through grace we receive salvation by faith in Christ. God desires all humanity to be in relationship with God. When we freely turn from a self-centered life and turn to God through accepting Jesus Christ’s accomplished work, we receive new and eternal life.

The Bible

God revealed God’s self to us through the inspired Bible. It is our authority in all matters of faith and practice.


We were created in the image of God. Sin marred and cracked that image. The conscious and unconscious way we miss God’s desire for our life is called sin. We miss profoundly through our broken relationship with God and our brothers and sisters. As a perfect human, Jesus shows us how to be human. Jesus reveals God to humanity. He is the example a perfect human life. His death and resurrection place us in right relationship with God through faith.


Christians have practices that remind us of the work and ministry of Jesus.

Baptism is an outward sign of the new life received by confessing and committing to Jesus as Lord and Savior. Baptism represents the death of our old self and resurrection into a new life in Christ.

Communion reminds us of the death and resurrection of Jesus. We use, bread and wine to remind believers of the sacrifice of Jesus – Jesus' body broken and his blood poured out. Followers of Jesus are invited to join us.


Gather- God created the local church to gather God’s people in community. Christ wants us to be in relationship with others. We come together weekly for worship and gather in smaller groups to build healthy relationships and grow in our faith.

Turn - The world pulls us towards its priorities and distracts us from the life Christ calls us towards. With intention, we turn toward God. We turn toward God weekly in worship. We center our world around God and remember what matters. We daily seek Jesus Christ through prayer and focus on the “The Way of Life.”

Love - Christians are known for their love. Active Christian love is practical, sacrificial, and humble. We all journey towards a deeper love of others through relationship, listening, respect, commitment to unity, actions, and sacrifice. We reach out and serve our church family and our community. We love by welcoming everyone, everywhere, in every situation.

Multiply - God calls us to desire a bigger family. We build a bigger family of God by welcoming, transforming and uniting strangers with our family and the larger family of God.


You Are Always Welcome

We invite you into God’s Story. Check out the video from our Senior Pastor Tim Holmes.

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