Lament and Hope: Finding Light in the Darkness, In the Shadow of God’s Wings (Seeking Comfort)

As we read Lamentations, I get a feeling of dread. Do we grasp the cost of sin in our lives? Are others suffering the consequences of our sin? Do we bear responsibility for the injustices in our society? Personally, I forget about the cost of sin. I want to believe that I am under the shadow of God’s wings. I want to believe I do not have to worry about God’s wrath. Yet, Lamentations helps us to understand God’s wrath. As we look upon the destruction of Judah, we can fully appreciate the cost of sin for humanity. In the end, the death of Judah and the dead bodies strewn around Jerusalem help us understand the real cost of sin. It is death. How do we make sense of God’s wrath? In Judah’s situation, I do not feel God’s anger as much as I feel God’s detachment from the destruction. God who once protected Israel, in his wrath, simply left Israel. I find God’s detached wrath to be frightening.

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