Biblical Christianity

Your deepest questions addressed with the fullness of Scripture and foundational Christian teaching.


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On Sunday at Place of Grace, we gather as a community to turn our hearts and minds toward God. Our Sunday service is casual with passionate worship and a relevant Biblical message.


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Step into a life less ordinary with 'Grace Unleashed: The Radical Guide to Living Free and Fearless.' This sermon series breaks all the molds, taking you on an audacious journey from humility to harmony, from discernment to unshakable peace. Get ready to unleash the transformative power of grace in your life.


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Gift of Mercy: For a Disobedient World

Consider for a moment the gift of mercy we receive on Christmas day. Instead of judgment for our disobedient, curious, self-centered nature, we receive the gift of mercy and grace from a loving God.

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Wisdom Unleashed: The Fine Line Between Perfection and Vulnerability

“In ‘Wisdom Unleashed,’ we delve into the compelling story of Cornelius, a Roman Centurion, whose life exemplifies the fusion of military discipline and Christian faith. Cornelius, despite his high-ranking position, showed remarkable humility and an open heart to the teachings of Christ. This story isn’t just about the past; it’s a vivid reminder for us today. It teaches us that true wisdom lies in balancing our vulnerabilities with our quest for moral and spiritual perfection. Just like Cornelius, we are called to engage with the world, not from a place of judgment, but with love, peace, and respect for all. This sermon is a call to action, urging us to apply these timeless principles in our everyday lives, transforming not just ourselves, but the world around us.”

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Discernment Unleashed: The Nitty Gritty of Relationships

“In relationships, discernment is not about judging or changing the other person; it’s about understanding and accepting them as they are. It’s recognizing that everyone, including ourselves, comes with a mix of strengths and weaknesses. Love, in its truest form, embraces all these aspects. As we see in the story of the sinful woman and Simon the Pharisee (Luke 7:39-43), Jesus demonstrates discernment without judgment. He acknowledges the woman’s past but sees her potential for love and forgiveness. This story teaches us the essence of relationships: to love without expecting others to be perfect or fit into our ideal image. Such love requires courage and faith, but it’s the key to meaningful and lasting relationships.”

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Reciprocity Unleashed: Radical Give-and-Take in Relationships

Explore the profound concept of reciprocity in relationships, where giving and receiving play crucial roles. Discover the transformative power of openness, vulnerability, and acceptance as we delve into real-life examples and spiritual teachings. Join us in understanding how these principles can strengthen connections and foster a sense of community in our shared spiritual journey.

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Bold Humility, Active Mercy: Reclaiming Biblical Virtues

Meekness in the Bible doesn’t mean weakness or passivity. It signifies a controlled strength and disciplined power. Rooted in a deep understanding of one’s role in the spiritual fabric, Biblical meekness involves harnessing personal skills and resources for a greater, divine purpose. It combines elements of humility with the courage to act justly, especially when facing adversity. When Jesus says in Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth,” he points to the empowering nature of meekness, an attribute that enables believers to enact God’s justice and mercy in the world while maintaining an obedient and reverent relationship with Him.

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Real People

We are all on a journey of faith and we seek the grace of Christ every day. We do not walk in front of you. We prefer to walk alongside.

Biblical Christianity

Your deepest questions addressed with the fullness of Scripture and foundational Christian teaching.

Safe, Engaging Experience for Students

During the sermon, the students join in their own discussion of Scripture facilitated by two community members for continuity and safety.

Meaningful Music

A diversity of music offered by members of the congregation to support your worship


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What They Say

Pat Woman's Bible Teacher

"I was looking for some new friends and visited Place of Grace Fellowship. There I was welcomed with many, many smiling and welcoming people. Just what I was looking for!"

Mark Member Food Pantry Volunteer

After attending a mega church, we came to PGF last fall. I love Pastor Tim's sermons. The Holy Spirit starts with the music and moves into the sermon. Everybody welcomed us. At an event, we felt part of the church and helped clean up-on the very first day. We help out with the food pantry too! Hard work but The Lord gives us strength!

Patt PGF Board Member

After searching for years to find a church home, I have finally arrived at Place of Grace Fellowship!! Finding a church with loving caring members, excellent Bible teaching and a place to serve my Lord has all come together at Place of Grace Fellowship.