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Kingdom Town

Welcome, thanks for joining us today! I’ve got something exciting to talk about—the Kingdom of God. Now, some might think this Kingdom is all about heaven and having your sins forgiven. Many people do not think much beyond salvation. For them, the Gospel is about getting into heaven, and Jesus is the dude at the door asking for your ticket.  A lot of folks think this Kingdom is where we go after we die, and salvation offered in Christ is like a VIP pass to heaven.

Salvation is a part of the Gospel. Jesus Christ does save us and free us from our sins. But believe me, there’s so much more to it. The Gospel is the good news of the Kingdom of God. Salvation town is okay. Kingdom town is awesome.

Kingdom town is the best place ever. It doesn’t just exist in the heavenly realm. It exists in the here and now too. It’s like we’re living in two places at once: our earthly hometown and God’s amazing Kingdom.

In God’s Kingdom, we’re not just looking out for ourselves; we help our neighbors and do our part to make the town better for everyone. As an active resident of God’s Kingdom, you discover talents you didn’t even know you had. Instead of being afraid to use them, you’re encouraged to shine bright and share your gifts for others’ benefit.

Best of all, we’re not navigating Kingdom town alone. We have the Holy Spirit as our tour guide, pointing out the hidden gems and helping us avoid the dead-ends. This guide doesn’t just show us around; the Spirit helps us become better citizens of this grand town.

The Kingdom of God isn’t just somewhere we’re going; it’s somewhere we already are. The more we learn from Scripture, the more we realize this Kingdom is so much better, bigger, and more exciting than we ever thought.

Jesus declared that the Kingdom of God was at hand during his ministry. Jesus would become Jesus Christ, the long-awaited Messiah of Israel and the Lord of God’s Kingdom. But the road to the Kingdom didn’t start with Jesus, it started with King David. God promised King David that his descendent would rule an eternal kingdom.

In our sermon series, we have been speaking about the covenants God made with his people in the Old Testament. The covenant with David was the last covenant God made before Christ. The covenant with David prepared the world for Jesus Christ. The kingdom covenant of David would become the kingdom of God that we belong to with Christ as our Lord.

David was the King that God would use to bring God’s son Jesus into the world. David’s descendant would rule the Kingdom of God for eternity. This is what the prophet Samuel proclaimed about David and his descendent Jesus:

2 Samuel 7:11-17

12 When your days are over and you rest with your ancestors, I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, your own flesh and blood, and I will establish his kingdom. 13 He is the one who will build a house for my Name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. 16 Your house and your kingdom will endure forever before me; your throne will be established forever.

Jesus was fully committed to bringing about the Kingdom of God. He knew that he was the Messiah and the Descendant of David that would rule all of creation for eternity. Jesus framed a kingdom very different than the kingdoms of people. The Kingdom of heaven would not have the same values as the kingdoms of people. The Lordship of Christ would bring restoration to creation and make all things new. And Christ uses God’s people in the Kingdom work of restoration.

I want to encourage you to become people of the Kingdom of God. Accept all that Christ offers you – salvation, yes, but continuing from that decision on to live your life in the Spirit with Jesus as Lord. In my view, a faith that focuses on salvation alone can leave us anchored to this world. I am not denying or even suggesting that salvation is not important. I am saying salvation is only the beginning. The Gospel of Christ in its full expression is about the Kingdom of God, here on earth as it is in heaven.

The Kingdom of God, as Jesus teaches, is both a present and a future reality. It challenges us to engage deeply with the world in a transformative way. Its values are based in justice, love, and grace. When we live by these values, we detach ourselves from worldly anchors as we participate in Kingdom work here and now.

Consider the values of the world compared to the values of the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ as its Messiah and Lord.

The World Says: Gain power. Jesus Says: The poor in spirit inherit heaven.

The World Says: Hide your pain. Jesus Says: Those who mourn will find comfort.

The World Says: Assert yourself. Jesus Says: The meek will own the earth.

The World Says: Chase wealth. Jesus Says: Those who seek righteousness will feel full.

The World Says: Look out for yourself. Jesus Says: Merciful actions earn mercy in return.

The World Says: Trust no one. Jesus Says: A pure heart opens your eyes to God.

The World Says: Divide and conquer. Jesus Says: Peacemakers become children of God.

The World Says: Silence opposition. Jesus Says: The persecuted inherit heaven’s realm.

Worldly values prioritize power and self-interest. Jesus’ teachings flip this, showing that true power lies in humility, mercy, and righteousness. The world considers Jesus’ values foolish. In the end, the worldly get a reality check when those they looked down upon stand confident and blessed before Christ. Jesus points us to the truth: real success and honor come from acting with Kingdom values.

The view of life that Christ has for us is so much bigger than we can imagine. The Kingdom of God is meant to be our whole Way of Life. Many evangelistic messages focus on salvation. If that’s all you’ve heard, you may have spent your whole life focused on one goal—getting into heaven. But if you consider what Jesus says the Kingdom of God is like and live your life according to Christ’s values, your life will be completely transformed. You’ll realize that there’s more, so much more to faith than just a “get out of hell free” card. You skimmed the surface when an ocean of divine richness was offered to you.

Reach for a faith that is as wide as it is long, as deep as it is high. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. Let’s dive into this abundant life, filled with God’s grace, wisdom, and transformative power. Right here, right now.

So, what is it like to live in the Kingdom of God? I want to offer you five characteristics of the Kingdom, and I want you to imagine how Christ can bring these characteristics to life for you or someone you know.

  1. Unconditional Love: The Kingdom of God showers love and mercy on everyone, no judgments, no conditions.
  2. Radical Grace: Even when we mess up, Christ’s grace is abundant and ever-present.
  3. Divine Justice: There is fairness and justice for all in God’s Kingdom, especially the marginalized and downtrodden.
  4. Humble Faith: The ruler of the Kingdom is Christ, and we are mere subjects. When we act like we hold an exalted position, we lose our humility and with it, our mercy, our grace, and our concern for justice.
  5. Everlasting Peace: Calm and unity prevail, transcending all earthly conflicts and woes. The Kingdom of God provides wholeness and restoration.

Imagine standing at the threshold of a new city – Kingdom Town. As you peer through its gates, you glimpse streets where neighbors greet each other warmly, and a marketplace bustling with fair trade, love, and care. This is not a fairy tale. It’s a new way of life. You’re not just a resident; you become an active citizen in a Kingdom built on divine principles. Journey from Salvation Town to Kingdom Town! What a transformative path it is, filled with potential for deep growth and meaningful impact. In Salvation Town, the emphasis often falls on the ‘saved’ status, as if that were the end of the line. But when you make the move to Kingdom Town, you keep all the benefits of Salvation town. In addition, you step into a more expansive landscape where the focus is on the full Gospel. Instead, it’s about participating in God’s ongoing work in the world.

Salvation Town can seem like a ‘transactional’ view of faith, especially to non-believers. You accept Jesus, your sins are forgiven, and you go to heaven—transaction complete. Jesus wants so much more for us. Jesus wants us to experience the grace, peace, and joy of heaven here. That is why we share in the Kingdom of God today. Faith is not a transaction—it is a “Way of Life.”

In Kingdom Town, the Holy Spirit serves as your guide, not just to help you avoid pitfalls, but to help you be a contributing, enriching citizen. The Spirit encourages you to put your talents into action. This goes beyond just hearing the Gospel to living it out. You start to love your neighbors, not out of obligation, but because that’s what citizens of Kingdom Town naturally do.

The beauty of it all? You’re not doing this on your own. You’re backed by the grace and love of Jesus Christ. The same grace that attracted you to Salvation Town sustains you in Kingdom Town, fueling your endeavors with a sense of purpose. And remember, Jesus Himself, the mayor of Kingdom Town, exchanged His life for yours, not just to save you but to empower you for Kingdom living.

Welcome to Kingdom Town! Enjoy the thrill of living in a community where the air is charged with possibility, love is the common currency, and every citizen contributes to the general well-being. You’ll find it’s not just a place to live; it’s a way to live. In Kingdom Town, your participation is encouraged, welcomed and appreciated. Here you not only enrich your own Spiritual life; you contribute to a Kingdom that knows no end.

Welcome to the good life, the Kingdom life.

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