Unseen Sacrifices: The Silent Sermons of Motherhood

The life of a mother is a life of answering the begging of children. We as parents hope that our adult children will not borrow, but mothers often lend and lend with no expectation of interest or repayment.

Judge not the Spec

Staring into the eyes of our neighbor and seeing their soul, their character, their lives, their concerns, their struggles, their tragedies, their mistakes, their successes, their hates, and their loves mirrors back to us the log within our own lives.

Triumph of Grace

Christ through His death and resurrection becomes the mediator between God and humanity, offering us the righteousness we cannot achieve on our own. Our standing before God is secure not because of our flawless ethics, but because of Jesus’ sacrificial death and victorious resurrection.

The Story of Doubting Thomas

Being noticed, seen, and acknowledged can be a deeply spiritual experience because it reflects the value and dignity God sees in each of us.

The Resurrectioin and Life

Resurrection Sunday tells us the profound story of our worth in the eyes of God. God believes we are worth all that He has done for us.

Palm Sunday: A Journey of Compassion

Jesus showed empathy even for those who condemned him to death, demonstrating that true compassion transcends personal suffering and embodies unconditional love.

Lament and Hope: Finding Light in the Darkness, Return to God (Repentance)

The hardest part to accept was God’s disregard for both the Temple and the Ark of the Covenant. Neither held any significance for Yahweh. This disregard underscores a central theme in the scripture: God’s omnipresence and omnipotence transcend any earthly structure or institution, challenging the believers to find faith beyond the physical and into the personal and spiritual realms.

Lament and Hope: Finding Light in the Darkness, In the Shadow of God’s Wings (Seeking Comfort)

As we read Lamentations, I get a feeling of dread. Do we grasp the cost of sin in our lives? Are others suffering the consequences of our sin? Do we bear responsibility for the injustices in our society? Personally, I forget about the cost of sin. I want to believe that I am under the shadow of God’s wings. I want to believe I do not have to worry about God’s wrath. Yet, Lamentations helps us to understand God’s wrath. As we look upon the destruction of Judah, we can fully appreciate the cost of sin for humanity. In the end, the death of Judah and the dead bodies strewn around Jerusalem help us understand the real cost of sin. It is death. How do we make sense of God’s wrath? In Judah’s situation, I do not feel God’s anger as much as I feel God’s detachment from the destruction. God who once protected Israel, in his wrath, simply left Israel. I find God’s detached wrath to be frightening.

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